Saturday, July 2, 2016

Back to the Past

We have arrived back at our little bungalow by the sea and I am already feeling rejuvenated! No matter that it is a grey, overcast day and that it might possibly rain. I love it no matter what it does out there. I have my little corner of the world here and the only thing that is a little tiny bit disturbing is the clomping, running and the dog barking overhead! Yes, its a holiday weekend and the LL's (landlady) grands are here visiting! But, except for the loud crash now and then, the noise doesn't bother me. It just reminds me of days gone by when I lived with 13 other children and a mom, dad, dogs, cats, horse, pony, and a lamb. Or when I was the mom and Hubby was the dad and we had six children, lambs, sheep, dogs, cats, goats and fish along with guinea pigs, hamsters and such. It's life. It's now and though I spend a lot of my time delving into the past, I can't ignore the present or the future, either.

Today, my present, or current, happening is that our youngest son, Zach, and his bride, Rebecca, are coming to visit! Yay! We live in eastern Washington and they live in Beaverton, Oregon, so we don't get to see them often enough. Yes, I'm excited!! We will first meet for lunch then maybe have a walk on the beach if its not raining by then. Hubby is already out on the beach! It was killing him!

Later this month our daughter, Katie, and granddaughter, Macie, will be visiting us here at the beach. Next week, Hubby and I and his sister, Deb, plan to go visit the aunties and other loved ones in the valley.

So we have a busy month ahead of us and I will, of course, be writing and researching in between. I've decided to quit worrying about the publishing until I get ready for it, or nearer to the end. I certainly have had a lot of input in that area now and feel more confident about it. It's not rocket science, after all. I have learned a lot from my queries, have had several quotes and a lot of people telling me that their company will do a much better job than any other! Except when you say that and don't give me an example of your work, or a quote, I tend to put you at the very bottom of the list. Or into the garbage can. There is a lot of competition for self-publishing, which is what I plan to do with my book. I'm not going to mess around with trying to find an agent, a publisher, etc. The book I'm writing won't be appealing to the masses.

Have a WONDERFUL 4th of July weekend! It's all about our past, and our present, spending time with our families and making new memories.

Ta ta for now,

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