Sunday, July 31, 2016

August Already?

I'm ready to go back to the beach and get back to full-time researching and writing. (And enjoying the view, the weather, etc.) It's been nice being home and we got to see people. I spent time with my daughters, friends, and relatives, and made some more memories.

I sorted some letters and photos and corresponded with our newly found cousin, Pierre. And I found some other info that I had been looking for so I really haven't stopped researching, just the writing. My Uncle Sonny (Mom's brother) told me, more than once, that I need to carry around a little note pad and pen to jot things down as I think of them. And I need to get back to that. I think of things all day long that I need to include in my writing but sometimes those thoughts have a way of escaping me, never to be heard from again! So, dear Uncle Sonny, I will get with the program as you reminded me, again!

I have several, mmm, make that a bunch, of papers, notebooks, etc., to take back with me and a renewed energy to get back to business.

Hope you had a great weekend! Ta ta for now,

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