Thursday, July 28, 2016


I posted on Facebook that I have found relatives in The Netherlands. I am still giddy over that. Pierre Hendrix has over 6,000 people in his family tree. My great-grandmother, Maria Agnes Hendrix is one of the people in his family tree which means we Burnetts, Dillons and Korpis are related to him as well. He had no info on Grandma Dillon (Henrietta) and Grandpa Dillon's offspring so I will be able to share that with him. That being said, if  you haven't returned your questionnaire, I won't be able to add your information to the family tree.

Something to think about:  I've said all along for you to just fill out what you can and don't worry about the rest. Someone who was divorced told me she didn't feel comfortable giving information about her ex and his parents and siblings. And someone else didn't want an ex put in the records at all. That is fine and it is your prerogative. I am NOT using every little bit of info that I receive in the book. However, I am putting names and dates of birth, places of birth into the family tree. Your children should have that info and their children, etc. And, I have said before that every person on our family tree cannot be put into my book even in a chart or family tree showing branches. The book would be hundreds of pages alone just with that info and no narrative (of my memoirs). I do want to make that information available to you, though. It's always nice to know where you came from, where the ancestors came from, etc.

PLEASE ask me if you have any questions. Let me know if you aren't sure about something. This is supposed to be a fun thing - but if it is causing you any stress I need to know that and I need to work with you to figure it all out.

Note: a person who is not married to you can be entered as a partner, roommate, etc. One does not have to be married to include your special someone. Adopted? I will enter it the way you want it to be. For example, our youngest son is adopted. I will put my husband and myself as adoptive parents and the biological mother will be noted also.

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