Tuesday, July 5, 2016

All in the Family

I have a pretty awesome family. It's large. There were 14 children, now there are 13 of us. Mom, Dad and Randy left before we were ready for them to go. But no one asked us, so we just had to accept it. And maybe that's why we all still love to get together, still love one another, still laugh with one another. We share each others' sorrows, celebrate each others' victories. Sometimes we might not agree with something the other did or said, but we don't let it come between us. At least that is my perception of it! So, without further ado, let me introduce my family. (Not in order of age.)

#6 - Rusty. Or is he #7? 
 He and Randy were twins.  He's the short guy on the left.
His kids: Kelsey in back, Melissa in middle and Jeston on the right.
Rusty is a music lover, super Grandpa, and he can take any motor apart and fix it.
Well, he use-ta-could. I think maybe he can still. 

This is David #5 on the right and Greg, his partner, on the left.
David is a bank VP. Greg is a retired Professor of Psychology.
They love to travel, garden and remodel their house!
And they collect awesome artworks!
David has three sons, 2 grandsons and one granddaughter.

This is the baby of the family. #14
Her name is Kristi but she prefers to be called Kritter.
She is very artistic and creative.

This is Edie. #11 She is an RN at a nursing facility. She has two children, Michelle and Alex.
She is our "go to" when we have medical questions. She is awesome! She seems to have the patience of Job and that is how our Mom was. She is a lot like Mom.

 L to R: Me (Nancy), Doug, Patti, Rusty and Edie.

The whole Fam Damily! 
Randy, who is in Heaven, is to the right of Marcy (in the wheelchair.)

#3 Doug. The eldest of the boys. 
He is multi-talented. He can sing, play guitar, make beautiful one-of-a-kind wooden pieces/furniture. 
He's a good Big Brother to his band of ruffians. Doug has one son and three daughters and
a bunch of grandchildren. (But I have more.)

#4 Jerry. He laughs because he retired before any of us did. I think he is 
secretly a millionaire. We don't get to see him often enough.
Jerry's Significant Other is Anne. Not pictured. Duh.

Another brother we don't see often enough is Joey. ##9
Here he is with his lovely wife, Hortencia.
Joey was a truck driver and he recently retired.
He has one son and two daughters and two grandbabies.

Randy. #7 or #6
Just ask Rusty who came first. 

And this is Reb. # 12 His real name spells out the initials REB. Dad named him that
specifically to get that nickname. Reb is another multi-talented fellow.
He can fix just about any engine: tractor, car, lawnmower, food processing machines like in a production plant. And he can make these really cool wire sculptures. Reb has
two sons and two daughters and one granddaughter. 

#1 Yep, that's right. I am #1
Me. Nancy. I have three boys and three girls and a wonderful husband.
I also have a whole bunch of grands! Like 21, I think, at last count.
You know what I like to do. Blog, research family, write,
craft, read....

This is Miss Marcy. #10 She is the apple of our eyes.
She is always smiling. Well, most of the time!
She lives with big brother, Brian, and his wife, Cindy.
They take excellent care of her.
(She has cerebral palsy.)

Miss Marcy with Brian. #8
She loves her Big Brother! Brian is retired, lives on a gentleman's ranch with
his wife, Cindy, Marcy and daughter Yvonne.
He has another daughter and a son.
Brian thinks he can do anything and then he just makes himself hurt more.
He has an old war injury from high school football. 

Brian, Miss Marcy and Doug.
She is having fun! I think they are, too. 

#2 Patti with one of her daughters.
She is on the right. Patti works in a hospital.
She is a redneck. No, really. A Redneck Princess.
She and Richard have two sons and three daughters and
a bunch of grandkids and some great-grandkids. I don't have any of those yet.

Now we REALLY do not get to see him, ever! 
This is Mark. # 13 He lives in Missouri. 
He loves Melinda, cars, music, his kids (1 son, 1 daughter)
and his grandbabies. He has three of them. 


So now you know all about my brothers and sisters. On another post someday I'll introduce you to my children and grands. 

Ta ta for now,

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