Friday, June 3, 2016

Writer's Cramp

I have writer's cramp! I don't have a printer with me here at the beach abode so I've been writing out queries and lists of details I need from people to add to the family tree/history/book. I had Hubby buy me some new pens and I've ran the ink out of one in just a couple of days! Good thing I don't mind writing, i.e., the physical act of putting pen to paper.

Thank you for reading this blog. I started it on April 6th and have over 1,500 views! Wow! That's so cool.

Speaking of "cool" I hear it is not going to be cool, rather it is going to be HOT in Portland and in Eastern Washington. And there's a HOT mess near I-84 near or at Mosier with 11 train cars full of crude oil burning. They derailed about noon today, Friday, and had to send kids home from school and the town of 440 people was evacuated.
When we watched the evening news it was still a roaring fire as each car's oil was burning. That is the route we use to go back and forth between home in Eastern WA to the beach. We aren't planning on leaving soon. If we were we'd just have to go across the river on the Washington side of the Columbia River. There were no fatalities reported as of the evening news. I hope that status remains.

Have a great weekend and be sure to use your sun block and stay hydrated.

Ta ta for now,


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