Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Emperor has no clothes ... on

Chuckle, chuckle. I was doing some research for my book. I looked up Sauvie Island, near Portland. We always called it Sophie's Island. We went there as a family when I was a child. We would park the cars and pick-ups right on the beach and sleep in the back of the pick-ups, or a tent, whatever. Very low key, cheap entertainment. We would fish. I don't know that I fished much at all, but that was the draw. Sauvie Island is near Portland, about ten miles northwest. I don't think we went through Portland to get there, though. I really don't remember that.

So I'm reading along, finding out that it was originally called Wapato Island, that it's the largest island on the Columbia River, that it was named Sauvie after a French gentlemen, Laurent Sauve, who managed a dairy for the Hudson's Bay Company in the 1830s and 1840s. I also learned that there are a little over 1,000 people living on the island, there is a lovely bridge from US Route 30 to the island, and there is a wildlife refuge there.

I also learned that Collins Beach on the island is "clothes optional." That took me by surprise. I guess anyone can go to that beach and as I read, wear clothes or not wear clothes. That seems a bit strange to me. Especially with cell phones that have built-in cameras. IF I were to be a nudist (and there just ain't no way, no how) I wouldn't want every Tom, Dick and Harry gawking at me. I would want to co-mingle with persons on my own persuasion. And I certainly wouldn't take my family there for a Sunday afternoon's outing!

Oh, and if you do a search on Google, there are plenty of photos of those nude people so you may want to look when your children aren't in the room.

Realistically, there is plenty of room at Sauvie Island for all of us in 26,000 acres! It is purportedly a lovely place to visit with farm lands, wildlife, etc. It has most definitely changed since I slept in the back of a pick-up on the beach with a bunch of other kids!

You must get a permit to park on the beaches, or pay a $75 fine if you don't. There is no overnight camping, no fires allowed, dogs on leashes, and the beaches are open from dawn til 10 p.m. There are lots of private farms on the island and you can purchase fruit and veggies there. In the fall there is a pumpkin patch with hay rides, etc.

So, its still a fun place to go. Things have changed a little, though.

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