Sunday, June 12, 2016

Saddened, Gladdened, Clumsy

Saddened by the deaths in Orlando being claimed by ISIS.Saddened by the equally senseless death of Christina Grimmie, also in Florida.

Saddened because I was working on my Dad's files. Entered all the papers, certificates, etc., in his file into my Family Tree on Ancestry. Also in the file were the hospital bills, pathologist report, etc., from the end of his life. Realized/remembered what a brave face he put on for all of us. Our son, Matt, was in the hospital at the time. He was 10 years old. He had had his tonsils removed the first day of Christmas break. He was supposed to be "fine" by Christmas. Christmas Day we found him vomiting blood so we rushed him to the hospital. He aspirated and got pneumonia and he was dehydrated (he tends to get dehydrated easily). He had to be in the hospital for about 10 days if I remember correctly. Anyway, Dad was in bad shape but he didn't tell anyone because he wanted Matt to get well and out of the hospital first. (That was Christmas of 1986. Dad passed away February 9, 1987.)

Gladdened because I saw my daughter, Audra, and three of her daughters: Emily, Sophia and Lily, this afternoon. They rented a beach house at the other end of town for the week.

Gladdened by a visit on the tellie with my BFF, Teri. For over an hour...

More gladness: visited in person with another good friend, Celine. Faux pas: thought her Hubby was in the car so didn't invite her in. Then as she was leaving I looked and nope, he wasn't in the car. Sigh. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. Sorry, Celine. (They are in town for a few days.)

Spilled a glass of water when Audi and girls were here. It was holding the dandelion Lily brought me.

Bent over to put something in the garbage can by the toilet; didn't realize I still had the dish towel on my shoulder. Plop.

Dumped a tray of ice cubes all over when I dropped it out of the freezer.

Spilled water again...a little dish with a floating flower.

Sigh! Is it just me or did the weekend fly by?

Ta ta for now,

Her Royal Clutzness

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