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Repost Just In Case You Missed It - Focus on Family - Roy Prince

Roy at 18 mos.
Editor's Note: Roy passed away on June 9, 2017. He will be missed.
Rest in Peace, Roy. I'm glad I was able to know you and meet you. 

Today’s guest on Focus on Family is Ernest Roy Prince. Roy lives at Miramar, Swainshill, Hereford, England. He would be my father’s cousin. His father was Cyril Ernest Prince, my grandmother, Edith Burnett’s, brother. Some of you may remember meeting Cyril when he came to visit in 1974.

Roy age 13. 

Roy was born September 17, 1926, in St. Weonard’s, Herefordshire. His birth was registered in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire. Roy is going to be 90 this fall.

As a young man, Roy worked in a bakery in Hereford until he joined the Army in 1943. Based in Maidstone, Kent, Roy was an instructor and held the rank of Sergeant. He served in occupied Germany during the war.

Roy and Myrtle. He is 25, she is 20. 

On October 18, 1951, Roy and Myrtle Bateman were married in Hereford, England. Two children were born to Roy and Myrtle. Sara Marilyn Prince, born August 5, 1952, and Robert Ernest Prince, born February 22, 1954, both in Hereford. Sara is married to Rob; Robert is married to Lynn. Robert was born at his grandparents’ (Myrtle’s parents) home. Roy’s loving family now boasts of three grandsons, one granddaughter, and three great-grandsons. Grandchildren: Chris & Claire, Kate & Mark, Dylan & Michael, Craig & Sian. Great-Grandchildren: Jack, Charlie, Jamie and Tom. 

Myrtle and Roy at Tenby. 2014.

Roy is retired but he worked in several different factories over the years. In about 1978, he went to college to train as a chef.  Although he never worked as one, it gave him more cooking skills and he is a wonderful cook.  He then worked at RAF Hereford as a general kitchen assistant.

Roy has always loved to fish. He still goes fishing frequently, and that is something he shares with his cousins “across the pond,”as they say. (Not me but my siblings, children and grandsons.)

Roy, Sara, Myrtle.

Roy is quite learned, a “fountain of knowledge,” says his daughter, Sara. He knows a lot of “interesting information about all sorts of things.” He likes castles…I can relate to that. He has access to them and I guess I do, too, but only on the Internet!

Roy with Great-Grandson, Jamie.

Roy and Myrtle have a lovely “garden” – we would say “yard” – full of flowers and trees. They have a tranquil setting out in the country which they can enjoy from their conservatory when the weather is inclement. Otherwise you might find them puttering around outside. 

 Roy with Great-Grandson, Jack. Roy 88, Jack 18 mos.

I met Roy and his family when I went to England and Wales to meet them in about 2008. Roy and I sat up and talked until the wee hours. He helped me find my Grandmother’s home in Mansell-Lacy and I’ll always remember that excursion. I was so tickled to find it.

Roy with Great-Grandson, Charlie, age 18 mos.

Roy is an interesting gentleman and I wish all of you could have met him and his family. Meeting them all most certainly ranks as one of the highlights of my life. 

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