Saturday, June 4, 2016


To say I get caught up in the lives of the ancestors as I study them is an understatement. Some of my questions: why did he or she die so young? Why did they move to this location? How could they possibly leave an area when they buried their babies there? What was he like to live with? What happened to make them abandon a homestead?

And I look at the photos of their headstones and wish I could put flowers there. I see their photos and I feel compassion, or empathy, or think how beautiful she is... And I often think, "I'm sure glad we don't have to dress like that anymore!"

I work on researching a family and I continue to think about them for days. Sometimes I will do a google search just to see what it was like during that person's lifetime, or what the area is like where they lived.

In summary, I get obsessed with the genealogy of our family.

I believe I have 24 letters/queries ready to send out! If you don't get one, don't worry! I ran out of envelopes! And, it does take awhile to get through all of the names in our family tree.

Here is a photo of a beautiful woman who died too young. This is Aunt Tuttie's (Willamina Jean Simpson Dillon's) mother, Agnes Bell Duncan Simpson. She died at the age of 49. Aunt Tuttie was 14 when she died. She had been ill for four years prior to her death. I think she is beautiful! And I love her dress!


  1. On leaving the homestead. Grandpa Dillon said his dad Charles burnt the house down in a drunken rage and they moved from Kansas to Denver.

  2. I will try to find a newspaper ad about that. He surely was a scoundrel. In his second family one of the girls was in prison when she was 20 but I haven't found out why yet.