Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's Happening at the Beach


Upcoming 2016 Nehalem Bay Crab Derby at the Jetty Fishery

What is the crab derby you might be asking? We put these little tags on 26 commercial size crabs and release them out into the bay. As long as you have a ticket, while your crabbing if you catch a crab with a tag on it then you will win a prize correlated with the letter on the crab. Prizes we had last year included a crabbing weekend, nights in the cabin, $1000 cash etc. The proceeds of the ticket sales go to the Rockaway Beach Lions Club and the Northwest Fish and Wildlife, and the crab you catch goes to your tummy


4th of July Parade, July 4th
Fun Day on the Beach, July 4th
Firecracker Wiener Nationals, July 4th
4th of July Fireworks, July 4th
Friday Night Bonfires (July 8th – Aug 26th)
Children’s Activities (July 5th – Aug 26th)

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