Thursday, June 9, 2016

Collections and Recollections

Do you have a collection? Most of us have at least one collection. I have ... several ... too many ... but I love them!

My mother, Bernita, collected "mice" or "mouse" things. Why? Because Dad, Ed, called her Squeak since he first met her. Over the years she amassed quite a few "mice." They were made of just about anything. Brass, glass, yarn, fabric, wood, etc.

Aunt Donna collected Russian Nesting Dolls or Matryoshkas

Uncle Roy had a collection of Norman Rockwell art, framed and hung above his roll top desk.

Grandma Dillon had her Franciscan Desert Rose dishes and rosaries. I have the Desert Rose dishes now. I have a few rosaries, myself. I love the one in the top photo.

Uncle Jack collected coins. Hubby did, too, at one time. 

My brother, David, collects unusual marbles, or glass orbs. He has some pretty ones. 

One of my collections, though small, is Moonstone hobnail.

Sister, Edie, would love these celestial items. 

And Audra, my daughter, loves everything beachy or coastal. Her home is decorated in that style though she lives in the desert!

Aunt Dorathy loved the oriental/asian style and her home had quite a few large pieces, including the dinner table.

Another of my collections is restaurant style cream pitchers. They are small. I have about 50 of them. Maybe more. 

Barb Asay Korpi used to collect Coca-Cola items as did Theresa Dillon. I am not sure they still do but I used to have a small collection, too. We have a much smaller home now and those items have been long gone. Same with my Betty Boop collection though I did keep a few choice pieces. 

I hope you enjoyed this little journey through some of our collections. 

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