Monday, June 13, 2016

Awesome Possum!

Hubby's back! Yay! He was only gone a few days but I still miss him and am happy when he returns. He brought my mail from home and I finally got the book I ordered about a month or more ago. It is called "Prairie Jewels." Written by Erma Dillon and Jeri Shute. It's about Jewell County, Kansas, where my Grandpa Dillon (Enoch Ray Dillon) was born. I'm excited to read it. The subtitle is "History of Schools, Churches, Post Offices, and Cemeteries of Jewell County, Kansas."

And let's see. What else is awesome? I got a letter from my dear friend, Teri. Always good to get a letter, a handwritten letter. We still correspond with letters, and Facebook, and texting, chatting on the telephone, and e-mail. Only not e-mail as much anymore.

Got a call from our eldest son, Derek. He and Vickie are coming to Rockaway next week and want to take us out to dinner. Sweet! It's always nice to spend time with your children. And Matt and his family will be here next week as well. Each family has rented a house here in Rockaway.

And something else fun is happening on Saturday...Teri and I and my brother, Dave, and his partner, Greg, are going to see the Portland Gay Men's Chorus in concert. The presentation is "The Divas." I'm really looking forward to it. If you have never seen them, they are on Facebook and you can actually watch and listen to them perform a song. They have quite a few members and the singing is excellent.

Thursday we're getting together with our dear friends, Ronnie and Pam. Pam and I are going to get manis and pedis! Since my broken foot happened and it was all wrapped up for so long, I haven't had a pedi in awhile. I'm more than ready for both.  The guys will hang out together and we'll all have dinner together afterwards. We always laugh a lot when we get together!

Okay, that's all the awesomeness I can describe for now. Hope you have an awesome week!
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Ta ta for now,

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