Friday, June 17, 2016

Ambitious or Crazy?

Hubby's 2nd walk on beach today. 

Oh my goodness! I took my first walk out on the beach since the broken foot. Jeepers, I am not in shape one little bit. I think I am going to have to walk on the road until I get acclimated to walking again. My feet HURT. Yesterday I believe the pedicurist cut me. I have one very sore toe next to the nail-the toe next to my pinky on the left foot - the foot that was broken, the one that has a problem with the big toe joint. It's heck getting old - don't let anyone tell you differently!

I worked a little bit on research today. I read about pensions for Revolutionary War soldiers and sailors. I researched a couple of people that I'm having trouble with. I didn't find any AHA moments. I will need to do more research.

Another observation I have had as I research is that the newspapers actually told it like it was. They would mention, in an obituary for example, what the person died of. They would offer an opinion as to the type of person the deceased was. They would say the person had been ill for some time, where they died, who they left behind, etc. And newspaper reports other than obits would also offer an opinion, tell the tale and there would be no guessing as to what had happened. I intend to include some of these remarkable stories in my book. I love the way they reported and wrote in the newspapers in the 1800s and early 1900s.

This little critter is about the size of a quarter or 50c piece. Cute!

The house we leased for a year a few years ago is in that area above town. 
Killer views!

Hubby looks for agates and little shells. He comes home with his pockets full.

The house from the beach. We rent the daylight basement. 
It has killer views, too, and its within walking distance of the beach. 

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