Monday, May 23, 2016

Through the Years...

Yesterday we went to a 70th anniversary party. No, I didn't make a typo, it really was for a 70th anniversary! Amazing, isn't it? The celebrants were Don and Martha Zook. Don and Martha were good friends with Mom and Dad (Bud and Jean) Hoefer. Don worked at Oregon Roses with Dad for many years. It was great to see them and to help them celebrate.We got to visit with other family and friends, too. It was an enjoyable day.

Today Hubby is crabbing. He loves to go crabbing on the Nehalem River and he was really looking forward to it today. Our grandsons caught a carp for him to use as bait and he is anxious to try it out. Last time he caught only one crab, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

I've made up some questionnaires which I will be sending out to those who served in the military. It's all part of the research for my book. Those will go out this afternoon. Later this week we plan to take a trip to Astoria to go to the public library where I will do more research. We will make a day of it and maybe go to the museum, too. I love museums.

Hope you have a great week planned, too.

Ta ta for now,


PS: The photo on Facebook today is my mom, Bernita Yvonne Dillon Burnett. Here's another photo. This is her high school graduation photo.

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