Saturday, May 28, 2016


This is me! Going through all the papers I have regarding family history!
This is a 3 day weekend. I can tell. Noise. Clomping. Running, Yelling. 
Train whistles.
Airplanes flying over.
Dogs barking. Really. 
I can handle it. Although something has given me a headache. 
It couldn't possibly be from staring at a computer screen all day.
I do look out at the beautiful ocean frequently. 
I am working on the medical issues for the family.
If you have any health concerns, let me know. I have a lot of it already recorded from the 
last time I was digging into the family stuff. Aunt Donna helped me a lot back then.
But there's a new generation since the mid-90s so I may not have everything.
Please let me know if any of your family members have a medical issue the rest of us should know about. It really does help. Sometimes the doctors ask for family histories. 
I've sent out my first set of questionnaires. This initial query is to those of you who were in the military, If I didn't send you one, please let me know and I'll send you one right out! 
(Well, maybe not RIGHT out!) 
That's all for today. 
Hope you are having a nice weekend. 
Don't forget to REMEMBER. 

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