Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I'm Not Your Stepping Stone

The title has nothing to do with the post today. I'm listening to music right now and that song is on the air/t.v.

Today I accomplished quite a lot. I am a tough taskmaster, I'll tell you! Remember awhile back I wanted to find a dictaphone so I could transcribe Uncle Roy's tapes that he sent to me in the 1990s? I did buy one on eBay and it was one of those serendipity things. I saw quite a few of them on eBay but some were as high as $200-$300. I wasn't about to pay that for just the few tapes (about 10?) I had. I kept a watch and lo and behold there was one for $20.00, I think it was. Amazingly enough, or serendipitous, the seller was located in Selah, just about 45 miles away from us. I asked if we could pick it up because the shipping was going to be $16.00. I asked if we could pick it up somewhere on that Friday because Hubby had an appointment at the Veteran's Administration. She asked if she could just meet us there. So accommodating! So I paid her and Friday morning, right on time, she met us and I got the dictaphone. I had not used it at all and I halfway expected it not to work today, but it worked like a champ. It didn't have earphones but my earbuds worked! I wanted to get all of the tapes transcribed today and I accomplished that goal.

It was like Uncle Roy was right here with me, too. He passed away in 2009 so it was his voice and his affection and his gratitude that I would take care of the family photos and documents that kept me typing all day. Now I have more fodder for my book. I remembered most of it but there was one
certain aspect that I was researching and just couldn't make work but listening to his tapes helped me with that little foible.

Though writing this book is from the heart, it is tiring at times and I was really happy when I finished the last tape.

Went to the ortho doc today and my fracture is completely healed! However, because it is still swelling, I am supposed to do therapy three times a week for six weeks. Pshaw! I'm going to the beach, Doc! He told me to take off my shoes and wade in the water that it is good therapy for my foot! I'm so excited about walking on the beach - I can't wait. And I know the water will be cold but I will wade in it like a little kid and enjoy every second of it. Because that's probably how long I will last, seconds!! LOL!

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