Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I Saw Your Picture Today...

Goodness gracious! I wish I had a nickel for every photo in this house! I'm sorting again. I found a suitcase full of photos and two more boxes. Will I ever be done? It's taking away writing time! But, I do want to have a photograph of every person in my life in my book so I must sort to get the perfect photo! I found a lot more "oldies but goodies" that I will share in the days to come. Some of them crack me up, some of them bring a tear or two! And some of them are giving me ideas for projects other than the book.

Yesterday I went to Yakima to find a pair of high top boots since the ones I ordered online were two sizes too small. I also went to a couple of craft stores to find stuff for Michelle & Brody's cake I am making for their wedding. Decorations, that is. Found... And I made my once yearly grocery shopping trip to Safeway. Seriously, I don't do the shopping in our house so it takes me forever to find what is on my list. Since Hubby is helping with the peonies he isn't home much. And when he does come home at night, he's beat! The harvest is going well, though.

I went to Silver Heels, or is it Silverheels, a shoe store in Yakima. Anyway, the proprietor was very helpful. The Doc Martens tend to be a little tight on the top of the foot so he is stretching them for me. I will go pick them up tomorrow. I didn't feel like it today and it's supposed to be cooler tomorrow.

They only had the one floral print. But it's okay. Those I had ordered turned out to be canvas and I'm not sure that was enough support. This one is something like leather and seems to be sturdier than the canvas. 

Did you know?

Uncle Sonny published three books of poems plus had numerous poems published in other publications. Grandpa Dillon wrote at least one poem that I know of. My mom, Bernita Dillon Burnett, also wrote poems. (I did, too, but after high school I didn't submit mine for publication.) Mom gave each of us kids a booklet for Easter one year with her poems in it. Here is one of her poems:
(c) Bernita Y Burnett
Do not copy.

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