Thursday, May 12, 2016

Beautiful People

I did a word count on my book thus far. 53,377. I don't know if that's impressive or not since I've no clue how many words an average novel is. Of course my book is not an average novel. It has charts, maps, stories, photos, and documents and not all of the pages have count-worthy words.

I have also done a count of the people I've put on In the Burnett tree I've added 754 people, 85 photos and 698 records. On the Dillon tree I've added 897 people, 120 photos, and 820 records. I can't possibly include all of these people in my book but I can share parts of it and allow access to my trees once they are where I want them to be. Some of both trees are crossovers since some of us are both Dillon and Burnett.

I've started looking into publishing - wow, there's a lot to think about. I don't want to have this book all finished and find out I've put it in the wrong format, or that it will cost me $10,000 to publish, or that I have too many photos, etc. I've looked at a few companies that will allow me to self-publish and one so far that will publish your book if it meets their standards and/or genre. I'm thinking I may not fit into that one but it doesn't hurt to look and find out. One of the self-publishing companies actually sends out a book upon request so that you can see their work. I ordered one.

One has to choose a cover, what type of paper to use, black and white or color, the size of the book, how many to publish (for self-publishing), and more. You also need to decide when you write a book if you want to e-publish. I don't. I prefer to have a book in my hand, to flip the pages, smell it, etc. (I guess I still prefer reading a real book, too, after all is said and done.) And a book will last almost forever. Our electronics come and go. Daily almost!

So that's what's been on my mind lately. That and making a cake for my niece's wedding. Michelle Howell and Brody Barton are getting married tomorrow! So happy for them!! I made cakes yesterday and they flopped. Today I made more and no flops. Four cake mixes and a dozen eggs, extra butter, oil, etc. I have cake everywhere! In the freezer, on the counters, etc., etc. I should just frost it all up and take it to the wedding. Only one has to look decent, right? Yep.

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