Saturday, May 7, 2016

Graduation Day



Melanie Jean Hoefer and Audra Lea Distifeno (sisters)
Melanie now has a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership
Gonzaga University
Spokane, Washington

Ajay, Melanie, Kooper
Koen doesn't look too happy. Not sure why.
He broke his arm last week.

Katie (Katrina Yvonne) Millikin and Melanie Jean Hoefer

Melanie's employees surprised her by attending the ceremony
and made this awesome banner for her.
Her business is Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business

It was a long day, but a happy one! We're very proud of Melanie. After arriving back at the Tri-Cities from Spokane, Katie and Rick hosted a get-together for Melanie and the rest of the family. As usual, they were the most gracious hosts. 

I was gifted for Mother's Day with a beautiful box and some beachy items to decorate the beach abode. Hubby also gave me some new-fangled type of water container that keeps your drink hot or cold forever. I'm always carting my water in a plastic glass with a straw wherever we go and quite often it flips over and spills all over the car. My new container won't spill! It'll tip but won't spill. My own personal Sippy Cup! And guess what color it is? 

We were a little concerned when we got up early this morning to take off for Spokane when we heard Donald Trump would be there for a rally at the same time as graduation, and in the same area. We got there early enough that we didn't run into any traffic problems. When we left Spokane he was already gone to the rally in Lynden. So to us it was like he wasn't even there! 

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