Sunday, May 1, 2016

Forever Young

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad

IF they were still here, they would be celebrating their 67th Anniversary today.
But no, they are forever young. Mom was 61 when she passed away and Dad was 59.
Too young. Now five of their children are older than they were when they died.

On my wedding day, Feb. 17, 1969, just before Dad walked me down the aisle, he told me a joke. I wonder if he sensed I was nervous. I went down the aisle with a smile on my face anyway. 

And not too long after I got married, he told me that if I ever wanted to leave Vic don't come running home because he'd take Vic's side! 

What advice did Mom give me? I'm sure she did give me advice but it escapes me now. Funny how Dad's so-called advice stuck with me all these years. By the way, I never did go running home. Well, once. I went running home from western Oregon to eastern Washington because I missed them so much - and I took the whole family with me! We lived with them for six weeks when we first moved to Prosser in July of 1977. That was an experience! Let's just say these words and some of the kids (my sibling and my own kids) might remember what an experience it was: dogs and marijuana. I guess you'll have to read my book to find out about those two things!

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