Sunday, May 29, 2016

Focus on Family-Mike Korpi

I thank you all for reading this blog. It wouldn't be as fun to write if no one ever read it! And there's so much for me to share. I can't possibly write a book that encompasses everything that relates to us, and to our ancestors. I think I will start to do "Focus on Family." I'll take one person and tell about them, their family, etc. Please volunteer - if I don't get volunteers I will just ask people randomly. I'm going to start with my cousin, Mike Korpi, since he asked me to change his photo on the Korpi page, and told me a little bit about where he is living.

Mike is the eldest son of Donna (Dillon) and Jack Korpi, big brother to Dan, Jeff, Jim, Judi and Robert, He is the first cousin Patti and I came to know and we spent a lot of time together as youngsters. (Sheesh! I am old enough to use the word "youngsters!" That's scary!) Mom and Aunt Donna spent a lot of time together, thus we were always doing things with Mike. It's like he was a brother rather than a cousin, Today Mike lives in a cabin in the woods near North San Juan, California, next to Tahoe National Forest, north and east of Sacramento.

When I mentioned that it looks peaceful there, he said there are bears that get into the garbage! So sister, Patti, and Mike both deal with bears in their lives! Yikes! 

Mike is single and he is the first one of us cousins to have a great-grandchild! He has two sons, Dylan and Joshua and three grandchildren.

From Mike: 

I am in gold country .There is a ghost town 5 miles up the road that has been fixed up and they will have a shootout and blacksmith and gold panning everyone wears period costumes.

The ghost town is Columbia State Historic Park. Here is a link to find out more about the park and its events:

This looks like a fun place to visit.

Doesn't seem like a ghost town with all the activities they have there.

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  1. Also Eastwoods Pale Rider was filmed nearvy. There are lots of places nearby that used water cannons to knock mountains down and you can still see the pipes and cannons rusting away everywhere. This area was the epicenter of the Gold Rush. I found an old brick building that was Wells Fargos bank and gold assay office it still has a 6 foot pot belly stove and 8 chandeliers still hanging except for the squatters garbage its still the same as it was in 1854.You can still pan for and get gold in every creek around here.Some of my friends actually make a living panning.Also almost every building built in the goldrush have the Masonic symbol on the peak in front.

  2. Interesting about the Masonic symbol on the buildings. It would be fun to pan for gold.