Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Name Game

Remember awhile back when I said one of our ancestors may have been a bigamist? I had not been able to put him together with a wife other than the one which would have made him a bigamist. A puzzle for me, indeed. Yesterday I had the "aha" moment when I found out the name of the woman he married after our great-grandmother. I also said awhile back that you have to be somewhat of a detective when you are doing genealogy. How I found the name was in a series of letters written to Grandpa Dillon's sister and some written to Grandma Dillon by cousins.

I found names of children who would have been half-siblings to Grandpa Dillon and his full siblings. One of the names I found in a letter but also found when snooping around on was Edna. I found Edna as an inmate! I didn't save that to her facts because I want to be certain that record pertains to her. And then in one of the letters I read that she and her sister didn't have the greatest upbringing and were fostered out and then "got into trouble." So that solidified that record and now I will add it to her file.

Just because a person has the same name as the one you are researching, you can't assume that it is the actual person you are researching. You have to take into consideration the date of the record, the location, the age of the person, siblings, parents, etc. It takes time. It would be so easy just to say, "Oh, this must be him," and save it as your "person." If you can't do it right, why do it at all? So I'm being very frugal before committing a person as part of our family tree. I owe that to the ancestors and I owe it to my descendants. And I owe it to you to offer you the correct information.

I have run across some odd names - which is kind of a breath of fresh air because of all the name duplications that I run into and have trouble sorting out. Here are a few of the "different" names:

Estelene Ethell - Lavae (a man's name) - Verda - Emeline - Wilda - Claretta - Asa (a man) - Peninah (a woman) - Simson - Hobart - Lamberdina

There are more but I will stop there. I also like finding names that we have named our children. Its kind of like serendipity to me. David Scott: We have David Scott Burnett. Anna Jane: Jenni's daughter is named Anna Jane and there is one in our lineage. Mary McConnell: Uncle Sonny and Aunt Jean's daughter is now Mary McConnell. And there are those of us who were named after ancestors - myself included. Nancy is after Grandpa Dillon's mother, Nancy Elizabeth Scott. Lee, my middle name, is after Grandaddy, Rufus Lee Burnett. Rusty is named after Grandpa Dillon: Ray Russell. Randy is named after Grandad - Roy Randall - even though Grandad was "Rufus" he went by "Roy" or "Skipper." David named his eldest son, "Jacy" Burnett. We have a J.C. Burnett and a J.C.C. Burnett in our direct line, too. They were actually called "J.C."

I could go on and on but I need to get back to my research! Or stare out the window at the beautiful scenery! Have a great weekend!

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