Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunshine on My Shoulders

Wow! Today was awesome - the weather was the best! It was 86 degrees outside! I couldn't stay cooped up in the house in front of the computer so we went for a drive. We went north this time because we usually go south. It was a bit troublesome because the "Low Fuel" light came on. Several times. There are no gas stations between Garibaldi and Nehalem. There is one past Nehalem but before Manzanita. (We made it.)

Then we saw the sign for the recycle place that we had forgotten about. It was open so we went. It is an amazing place where they recycle just about everything. I guess people just donate the stuff to CartM but they also take trash and you need to pay to dump that. Check it out at They have artwork that was made with recycled items and walls that were made with...junk. But its so cool! They have photos on their website. If you're down this way you should go. I don't recommend using the outdoor toilet, however. UGH. It's got to be the worst one I've ever seen. I will never, repeat, never, use it again. I'd squat by the side of the road first. Really. (Just sayin' you ought to go before you go!)

On the road to the recycle place is an old cemetery. We drove around in it a little, I thought it was exceptionally nice that they provide water in gallon jugs for people to use. There was a little wagon full of the jugs and a tub of water, too. The only thing I saw wrong with that is that most of the flowers on the graves...were plastic! Oh, well. Never mind.

I got a little sun on my face today. Hubby fixed the door on the shed for the landlady. It had blown off in a windstorm so he made it usable again, put new hinges on it, etc. I helped him so I was out in the sun for a bit.

Two posts in one day...hmm, I don't want to start a precedent here!

Ta ta for now,

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