Saturday, April 9, 2016

You've Got A Friend

I will just write a teensy bit today because my most excellent friend (BFF) is here visiting me at the ocean. We had a great lunch at The Bite then visited The Little Crow here in Rockaway. I bought a CHAIR! A beautiful overstuffed chair, newly upholstered and it is all the right colors for our beach abode. I didn't tell Hubby yet, cuz he's not here right now - won't he be surprised! I'll take a picture of it and show you after it gets delivered. Then I'll tell you what a wonderful price I paid for it. You really must visit The Little Crow when you come to Rockaway. Anne is such a nice lady and she has lots of wonderful items for sale. She has always had reasonable prices, too. The Frugal Crow was her shop but the building sold and she had to move to a much smaller storefront so she changed the name. 

Have a great weekend!

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