Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Happy Birthday, Baby

I have tried my hardest to prove something isn't true that I've discovered about our ancestors, but I can't! I'm tired of trying, having spent many hours on this one particular fact. But never say never! So I'll keep trying but for now, I don't want to know or think about a bigamist in the closet!

In viewing censuses, I've come across some disturbing facts. Many of them ask how many children the mother gave birth to and then ask how many are living. There are so many mothers that have different numbers.  It seems people lost children quite often. That hurts my heart. And sometimes next to the child's info is "idiot," "dumb," and other words we do not use in this day and age. They are offensive today but at that time they were just descriptive words.

On a different note: the waves are crashing around out there and a high wave warning was put out for tomorrow. We have our cameras ready! It's beautiful already so I can only imagine what the high waves will look like!

Thanks to those of you who have checked out the birthday page and given me additions and corrections. I consider it a work in progress so if you see something amiss, please bring it to my attention.

Henricus (Henry) and Maria Agnes Vanderzanden
Henrietta Dillon's Parents

Some people choose to see their troubles as  tragic...see them as opportunities...and rejoice

Ta ta for now,

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