Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday's Alright For ...

We welcomed guests to our little abode. Our daughter, Katie, and her husband, Rick, went to the Paul McCartney concert in Portland last night so they added a visit to see us before traveling home to Richland, WA. We enjoyed seeing them! And they enjoyed seeing our little home away from home and the view that we are blessed with. We took a drive and showed them some of the sights around Rockaway. It was a great visit and they will plan a trip with the kids soon. There's a vacation rental house a few doors up from us so they grabbed the flyer. (Rockaway Beach does have plenty of vacation rentals.)

We drove around some with Katie and Rick and went to the Jetty Fishery where Hubby likes to go crabbing. We saw a lot of seals across the Nehalem River from the Fishery. I don't know if you can tell they're seals or not but here's a photo,

Those are seals just above the water line across the Nehalem River. 

This photo shows the waves coming through the hole in the rock. We can't see the hole from our place but we do see the water come through when it is stormy.

This was the really stormy day so I took the photo through the kitchen window. 

I'm diligently working on my book but the little break today was nice. It's always nice to see family - everyone is so busy that we don't get to see them much. By the way, they said the concert was great! Paul McCartney puts on quite a show and doesn't even take a break! Katie said he sounds just as good as he ever has even though he is 73 now! Rick said that it seemed like he was having a lot of fun, too. 

"The only way to make your failures permanent is to stay focused on them." - Joshua Boswell

Ta ta for now,

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