Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday Morning

I've always loved researching. My first jobs were in finance companies. I was able to put my researching skills to the test looking for "skips." It was called "skip tracing" and it became illegal after some years but while it was legal, I loved it. We could "lie" and say we were a high school classmate or some such misrepresentation. Remember, I was young and it was my job, I was taught to do it. (Lie, that is. And sometime later I would have refused to do it as my scruples began to develop!)

Before that, in high school and the little bit of college that I had prior to getting married, I also enjoyed researching for essays and papers I had to write. This was long before computers! Our family had a set of Grolier encyclopedias and the navy blue set of ? that came with. They were all well used, not just by me, but by my siblings, too.

Then after a few more jobs in finance companies and waitressing (which I always loved) I eventually worked for attorneys. More research. I think had I been a little younger and had fewer children I would maybe have studied to become a paralegal. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. I wouldn't change my life for anything, but the thought did cross my mind. (There's just not enough time in life to do everything we want to do!)

I have two puzzles that I am working on in our Family Tree. Two ancestors that I can't confirm info on. I like this kind of puzzle but after working on one for awhile, like hours, and days, I really would like to be rewarded with the answers!

Today is a grey day outside and the wind is pushing it's way across the yard but every day here is an adventure in scenery. The trees and grassy yard are green, flowers are starting to bloom and the colors are vivid and precise.

With my Hubby by my side, the ocean sounds and views, the energy in the air from the waves, I am thriving as I research and write. I couldn't ask for anything better. (Except maybe getting this horrible boot off my foot and leg.)

(Remember to let me know if you find errors in the birthday and anniversary lists.)

Write down your dreams and your fears. Plan for both. Get started.

Ta ta for now,


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