Thursday, April 21, 2016

We Are Family...

Vic Hoefer, Bernita Burnett and Ed Burnett
Dad was Vic's boss when he worked for Benton Co. Sheriff's Dept.
The stories...
August 1977 just after we moved to Prosser, Washington

This has to be my favorite photo of Mom and Dad of all time. 
Miss them. Sometimes I just want to talk to them or hug them.

Fall of 1962
I'm going to have to guess on these since some of us are "made up."
L to R in front: David, Doug, Nancy, Jerry
2nd row: Rusty, Randy, Patti
Back: Joey and Brian

Mom saved the last picture (she called it "film") to get a photo of Randy with his glasses. She wrote, "This is how it turned out."
July 1959
L to R: Randy, Brian, Rusty

L to R: Nancy Burnett Hoefer, Bernita Dillon Burnett holding Dougie Burnett, Aunt Donna Dillon not Korpi at the time,  holding Patti Burnett Underwood and Mike (Dillon to be Korpi) is behind them. Aunt Jean Dillon holding Mary Dillon McConnell in the pool.

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