Sunday, April 17, 2016

It's a Sunday Kind of Love

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The Twin Rocks are lit with sunshine. There are lots of little birds hopping around in the yard. The fuchsia plants are already budding out and we just planted them not too long ago. I'm loving all the flowers we see. Lilacs, rhododendrons in yellow, red, hot pink. Azaleas where the whole entire bush is flowers and no leaves show at all. Beautiful. It's a riot of color as you drive around and sight see. Our rhododendron bush is showing color and should bloom by Mother's Day.

Yesterday there was a squirrel exploring the planters and the yard. He stayed for awhile and found something to nibble on out in the grass.

Hubby has captured a bald eagle on the beach with his camera! He has better eyes than I do to be able to spot it there in the first place. Once we get home I can upload his photos to the PC and include them in this blog. His eagle photos are awesome. And the sunsets he captures, too. Better than those I get with my phone. But the phone photos are still pretty amazing when you think that a PHONE took this or that photo.

I made a list of all the chapters and addendums I have written for my book. I'm up to 4 or 5 pages of notebook paper pages with a list of documents. I'm learning a lot. The Dillon side of the family hails from Kansas and Indiana. Kansas has quite a history, believe me.

Here's the photo of my little chair I bought for the living room at The Little Crow in Rockaway Beach.
I'll sit in it someday when I've finished my book, haha! It's just the right size for me.
It was newly recovered and its in perfect condition. A bargain at $48!

Dream big and write it down. When things are written down, you can read them again and remember your purpose and passion.

Ta ta for now,

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