Thursday, April 28, 2016

How Great Thou Art

I have a large folder of papers regarding family matters/genealogy that I am going through and entering into or filing, or whatever needs to be done. Sometimes they go into the round file.

I came across this e-mail from Uncle Sonny. I thought I'd share it with everyone. It was dated October 14, 1999.

Subject: Marcy

"Thanks for telling us about Marcy. I will pray for her, you, and all your family. I talk with Jean every night, and I will ask her to talk with God (for that is where Jean is) that Marcy's suffering be minimal, and that all of us be filled with compassion. Prayers are sometimes answered, but more often, prayers bring not what we asked for but remind us of the infinite value of life to us--we are given the heroic strength and godliness of the person for whom we pray. Jean had a most painful end that still is photographed in my mind. The pain killers hardly worked at all. Yet she wants me not to mourn her suffering, but to look up in the sky and glory in the life we have, knowing that God will not only redeem us all* but never give us more than we can handle. Your care and love for your sister strengthens all of us and lightens up our spirits. God be with you.
Love, Sonny.
      *I believe all of us will be saved, but I suspect some of us will need a little divine rehab."

This is one of the papers I will keep.

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