Friday, April 22, 2016

Going through boxes of photos and memorabilia brought to mind our Family Reunions and how much fun we all have when we are together. It makes 2017 seem too far away. (The way time flies it will be here in the blink of an eye!)

We're at our Grandview home and we've had to use the air conditioner! In April. It's supposed to cool off now, though, and we are going back to the beach soon. I had Hubby bring my summer clothes in the house already. It seems I should just clean out my closets of clothes I don't wear and keep the summer clothes handy for hot spells out of season. Good idea but right now I have too much to do! That can wait.

Our niece, Michelle, is getting married on May 13th and I have some things to do for her wedding. She is marrying Brody, and we all think he's just great. We're very happy for them!

Our youngest daughter, Melanie, is graduating from Gonzaga University with an *MA in Organizational Leadership, with a concentration in Servant Leadership. We are going to the ceremony on May 7th. Her three sons are going, too. Be good for them to see the payoff of their mom's hard work these past two years. *I've corrected this - I had put the wrong info here.

I've not been wearing my boot as much since I saw the doctor on Wednesday. That's when he told me to get high top shoes. I've ordered them but they won't be here for a week. So in the house I'm not wearing the boot and I am most certainly NOT WEARING IT TO BED. Six weeks of that was quite enough. If I go out and about I will wear the boot til my high tops get here. I really don't want to reinjure my foot.

Hubby went to the boys' farms today. The peonies at Derek & Vickie's place are looking good! Better than they've looked in the past few years. And there are baby pigs and new baby goats at Matt's place. I would love to go see those little piggies but he and Vic were going to work so I didn't go with.

The boots I ordered. I am not happy that I have to wear them but
if I have to wear them, I will. At least I found some
that reflect my likes/me, thanks to my brother, David. I didn't 
know there were Doc Martens or flowers on boots! I live a sheltered life!

Always kind, be honest, be true, and all of these things will come back to you.

Have a great weekend,


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