Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Doctor, Doctor (give me the news)

He gave me the news alright. I am still upset. I have to wear high top shoes. In the spring which will soon be the summer. With capris? I swear I'd rather wear this damn boot than wear high top shoes. Obviously I don't have any. And there isn't a place to purchase those nearby so I will be wearing the boot until our next trip through Portland.

On our way home from the beach we stopped at Valley Memorial Park, a cemetery in Hillsboro, Oregon, where quite a few of our relatives are buried. In particular, I wanted to clean Grandma and Grandpa Dillon's headstones but we ended up cleaning these, too: Arnold and Regina Klein (she was Grandma Clara Hoefer's sister); Jack and Donna Korpi and Marge and Andy Pierson. I was concerned about Grandma Henrietta Marie Dillon's headstone. To me, it wasn't as nice as some of the other relatives so I wanted to check it out. I still don't think it is as nice, but it's a little cleaner now. I am thinking about how to enchance it.

I wanted to clean the headstones myself, but with this boot on my foot it wasn't easy to get down on the ground so my Hubby, he's so sweet, did it for me. And I didn't even ask. He was more than willing to do it.

We are making up a route of cemeteries and gravesites for Memorial Day and plan to bring take flowers to them. Meanwhile, here are some photos of the headstones we cleaned.
 Grandpa, Enoch "Ray" Dillon.

Grandma, Henrietta Marie Dillon.(The water hadn't dried yet.)

Vic is lovingly cleaning Aunt Donna and Uncle Jack's headstone.

The water isn't all dry yet.

Headstone of Margie (Hoefer) and Andy Pierson.

Grandpa and Grandma Hoefer, Francis and Clara. 
This one didn't need cleaning, obviously.

Ta ta for now from cranky pants,

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