Friday, April 29, 2016

Calling All Angels

Today I had to ask God if shedding tears for ancestors long gone, say 100-150 years gone, does any good - I didn't get an answer but I figure it is okay to think about someone who has passed and shed a tear or two.

One particular family had 17 children. That's quite a few - more than my Mom and Dad had. (There were 14 children in our family.) I was entering these names and dates into my family tree on Ancestry and came across one who died shortly after birth. What bothered me was that it was their first child and they moved to a different state/area after that. I felt so bad that they had to leave their baby and not be able to visit his grave. That bothered me. And then, as I entered more names and dates, I discovered that they actually had six of their children die in infancy or early childhood. I was taken aback.

I thought we were an anomaly - we being the family I was born into - but after days of researching and entering names, most of the families in the 1800s had large families. Maybe not all had 17, or 14, but if they had around ten children that seemed to be the norm.

The family I was working on today is the Dillon family. My great-grandmother was a Scott, married a Dillon. Her Scott family siblings were those who died young.

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