Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Bernita Yvonne Dillon Burnett

It's Mom's birthday today. She was born April 27, 1929. She passed away on January 26, 1991. I miss her - and think about her all the time. She helped me get through a lot of struggles as a young mother. When I was having a hard time with this or that, or the kids, I'd just say to myself, "Mom did it with 14 kids, you can do this!" It helped a lot. I am now older than she was when she passed away. By four years.

I had placed a call and an e-mail to different entities in Astoria. I know my Dad graduated from Astoria High School but I didn't know the year. I guessed, but I needed confirmation. I could not place the family in Astoria, though I knew they were there. Grandad was in the U.S. Navy and went back in for WWII. I need to make a trip to Astoria soon and go to the library and the high school. But today I got confirmation that Dad graduated in 1945. The young lady who helped me yesterday e-mailed me this photo of Dad from the yearbook.

Edward Norman Burnett 
Photo from 1945.

And of course I just have to post a photo of tonight's sunset here at the beach.

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