Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Name Game

Remember awhile back when I said one of our ancestors may have been a bigamist? I had not been able to put him together with a wife other than the one which would have made him a bigamist. A puzzle for me, indeed. Yesterday I had the "aha" moment when I found out the name of the woman he married after our great-grandmother. I also said awhile back that you have to be somewhat of a detective when you are doing genealogy. How I found the name was in a series of letters written to Grandpa Dillon's sister and some written to Grandma Dillon by cousins.

I found names of children who would have been half-siblings to Grandpa Dillon and his full siblings. One of the names I found in a letter but also found when snooping around on was Edna. I found Edna as an inmate! I didn't save that to her facts because I want to be certain that record pertains to her. And then in one of the letters I read that she and her sister didn't have the greatest upbringing and were fostered out and then "got into trouble." So that solidified that record and now I will add it to her file.

Just because a person has the same name as the one you are researching, you can't assume that it is the actual person you are researching. You have to take into consideration the date of the record, the location, the age of the person, siblings, parents, etc. It takes time. It would be so easy just to say, "Oh, this must be him," and save it as your "person." If you can't do it right, why do it at all? So I'm being very frugal before committing a person as part of our family tree. I owe that to the ancestors and I owe it to my descendants. And I owe it to you to offer you the correct information.

I have run across some odd names - which is kind of a breath of fresh air because of all the name duplications that I run into and have trouble sorting out. Here are a few of the "different" names:

Estelene Ethell - Lavae (a man's name) - Verda - Emeline - Wilda - Claretta - Asa (a man) - Peninah (a woman) - Simson - Hobart - Lamberdina

There are more but I will stop there. I also like finding names that we have named our children. Its kind of like serendipity to me. David Scott: We have David Scott Burnett. Anna Jane: Jenni's daughter is named Anna Jane and there is one in our lineage. Mary McConnell: Uncle Sonny and Aunt Jean's daughter is now Mary McConnell. And there are those of us who were named after ancestors - myself included. Nancy is after Grandpa Dillon's mother, Nancy Elizabeth Scott. Lee, my middle name, is after Grandaddy, Rufus Lee Burnett. Rusty is named after Grandpa Dillon: Ray Russell. Randy is named after Grandad - Roy Randall - even though Grandad was "Rufus" he went by "Roy" or "Skipper." David named his eldest son, "Jacy" Burnett. We have a J.C. Burnett and a J.C.C. Burnett in our direct line, too. They were actually called "J.C."

I could go on and on but I need to get back to my research! Or stare out the window at the beautiful scenery! Have a great weekend!

Ta ta for now,


Friday, April 29, 2016

Calling All Angels

Today I had to ask God if shedding tears for ancestors long gone, say 100-150 years gone, does any good - I didn't get an answer but I figure it is okay to think about someone who has passed and shed a tear or two.

One particular family had 17 children. That's quite a few - more than my Mom and Dad had. (There were 14 children in our family.) I was entering these names and dates into my family tree on Ancestry and came across one who died shortly after birth. What bothered me was that it was their first child and they moved to a different state/area after that. I felt so bad that they had to leave their baby and not be able to visit his grave. That bothered me. And then, as I entered more names and dates, I discovered that they actually had six of their children die in infancy or early childhood. I was taken aback.

I thought we were an anomaly - we being the family I was born into - but after days of researching and entering names, most of the families in the 1800s had large families. Maybe not all had 17, or 14, but if they had around ten children that seemed to be the norm.

The family I was working on today is the Dillon family. My great-grandmother was a Scott, married a Dillon. Her Scott family siblings were those who died young.

Ta ta for now,


Thursday, April 28, 2016

How Great Thou Art

I have a large folder of papers regarding family matters/genealogy that I am going through and entering into or filing, or whatever needs to be done. Sometimes they go into the round file.

I came across this e-mail from Uncle Sonny. I thought I'd share it with everyone. It was dated October 14, 1999.

Subject: Marcy

"Thanks for telling us about Marcy. I will pray for her, you, and all your family. I talk with Jean every night, and I will ask her to talk with God (for that is where Jean is) that Marcy's suffering be minimal, and that all of us be filled with compassion. Prayers are sometimes answered, but more often, prayers bring not what we asked for but remind us of the infinite value of life to us--we are given the heroic strength and godliness of the person for whom we pray. Jean had a most painful end that still is photographed in my mind. The pain killers hardly worked at all. Yet she wants me not to mourn her suffering, but to look up in the sky and glory in the life we have, knowing that God will not only redeem us all* but never give us more than we can handle. Your care and love for your sister strengthens all of us and lightens up our spirits. God be with you.
Love, Sonny.
      *I believe all of us will be saved, but I suspect some of us will need a little divine rehab."

This is one of the papers I will keep.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Bernita Yvonne Dillon Burnett

It's Mom's birthday today. She was born April 27, 1929. She passed away on January 26, 1991. I miss her - and think about her all the time. She helped me get through a lot of struggles as a young mother. When I was having a hard time with this or that, or the kids, I'd just say to myself, "Mom did it with 14 kids, you can do this!" It helped a lot. I am now older than she was when she passed away. By four years.

I had placed a call and an e-mail to different entities in Astoria. I know my Dad graduated from Astoria High School but I didn't know the year. I guessed, but I needed confirmation. I could not place the family in Astoria, though I knew they were there. Grandad was in the U.S. Navy and went back in for WWII. I need to make a trip to Astoria soon and go to the library and the high school. But today I got confirmation that Dad graduated in 1945. The young lady who helped me yesterday e-mailed me this photo of Dad from the yearbook.

Edward Norman Burnett 
Photo from 1945.

And of course I just have to post a photo of tonight's sunset here at the beach.

Ta ta for now,


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gettin' Ready

I love vintage, as most of you know. I'm all into antiques and vintage decor. At times in the past I thought I was born in the wrong era, but I know better now. I don't think I'm strong enough to be, and do, all that a pioneer woman had to do. Go fetch water, scrub the clothes on rocks in the river, cook everything from scratch, grind my own wheat. Nope. I think I like the life I live now just fine! No electricity? I'd miss writing and creating crafty things and reading books. I know Abe Lincoln read by candlelight. His eyes were probably better than those I was born with. And besides that, a pioneer woman was probably too tired at the end of the day to read.

What I'm getting around to is my latest collection of vintage items: crocheted potholders. I've always loved them and had at least two to match whatever decor color I was using at the time. I've sold them in my Etsy shop many times. I decided to keep those I already have and add to my collection. Now I have 33. Here is how I'm displaying them - at the beach abode.

I mentioned that our rhododendron bush has a few blooms. The blooms are as big as dinner plates! And so very pretty. 

And the flowers Hubby gave me yesterday. They smell sooo good.  

Mr. Squirrel brought a friend today; maybe it's Mrs. Squirrel. And a beautiful blue jay is hopping around out in the yard now, too. 

Time for me to get ready to get ready and start working on my book. I've been doing some reading as research but now, back to the writing. 

Correction: Daughter Melanie isn't getting her MBA, rather an MA in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Servant Leadership at Gonzaga University on May 7th. (I corrected the blog post from the other day.) "The degree I'm getting is more holistic--mind, body, spirit of leadership--than the numbers side and incorporates quite a bit of Jesuit and other philosophy." Mea culpa, Melanie! (Love you!)

Ta ta for now,


Monday, Monday, So Good to Me...

The only person who has figured out the method of my madness on the blog titles is my brother, Rusty. Way to go, Bro! Well, maybe others have and just haven't told me. Regardless, it's a bit of a challenge coming up with song titles that have something, anything, to do with my post on any given day.

We are back at our home away from home and were welcomed with beautiful sunshine and blue skies along with the wonderful ocean - the door to the house stayed open for quite awhile. I just love that sound of the waves crashing and the fresh scent in the air. Our rhododendron has several blossoms open and it is a lovely pink shade. Flowers? Yes, we have flowers. Hubby brought me a dozen roses and quite a few stargazer lilies. That smell is heavenly! And I still have carnations from the last bouquet of flowers he brought to me. One song title I won't be using is, "You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore!' He doesn't bring me flowers any less, actually. He started bringing me roses when we were in high school.

I'm all set to work on my book. I brought files and books and blank CD's and I'm ready, willing and able. I didn't work on it while we were home. I had a list of things to accomplish there before we hit the road again.

Hope your week got off to a good start!

Ta ta for now,


Derek and Vickie are gearing up for peony harvest. 
This is the earliest ever to begin harvest. 
Has something to do with that warm, summer-like weather we had recently.
I am praying for a bountiful harvest with plenty of hands to help.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Writing's on the Wall

Handwriting and signatures can give a glimpse into the writer's character and personality. I have always been intrigued by handwriting. I especially love "old writing" and sometimes wish I had a more flourished penmanship. I've especially been thinking about it lately as I review old documents. In days gone by, people took their time and wrote with care for the most part when writing on census registers and other important documents, for example. Not all of it was very legible, however, and sometimes it's very difficult to read. They also had different abbreviations  than we do. It pays to look into the way things were recorded back in the day when typewriters and computers were not even a blip on the horizon. One doesn't have to analyze the writer's personality or characterization when looking at old records, but it is kind of a fun thing to do.

Handwriting analysis is called "graphology." It can determine identity in legal cases, tell a person's mood at the time they wrote a passage, letter, or homework, and give glimpses into their personalities. The way the letters slant, whether they are open or closed, how the Ts are crossed, and how the i is dotted are just a few of the ways to analyze handwriting.

The word "signature" came from the Latin "signare" which means "to sign."  A signer or signatory is the person who writes the signature. Signatures and regular handwriting can be different and are analyzed differently. For example, a signature can tell you if a person is arrogant or self-important. Are they sociable, introverted or extroverted? Slow and methodical or quick and careless?

I've always admired my Dad's handwriting and especially his signature. It never changed as you can see from the example below where I've put his social security card next to his most recent driver's license, documents that would have been obtained years apart.

My Grandad also had lovely handwriting, as did Grandmother. I see a lot of resemblance in Dad's and Grandad's signatures.

Dad's Signature. It is beautiful handwriting, especially for a man.

Those she didn't sign this card with a signature, it is a good
example of her handwriting, albeit she was a little shaky by this time of her life.

Interesting to note that the SS Admin typed his place of business on the stub
of his SS card. Note the date. If I am correct, that is the year the SS Act was implemented.

Poets don't draw. They unravel their handwriting and then tie it up again, but differently. 

Jean Cocteau

Friday, April 22, 2016

Going through boxes of photos and memorabilia brought to mind our Family Reunions and how much fun we all have when we are together. It makes 2017 seem too far away. (The way time flies it will be here in the blink of an eye!)

We're at our Grandview home and we've had to use the air conditioner! In April. It's supposed to cool off now, though, and we are going back to the beach soon. I had Hubby bring my summer clothes in the house already. It seems I should just clean out my closets of clothes I don't wear and keep the summer clothes handy for hot spells out of season. Good idea but right now I have too much to do! That can wait.

Our niece, Michelle, is getting married on May 13th and I have some things to do for her wedding. She is marrying Brody, and we all think he's just great. We're very happy for them!

Our youngest daughter, Melanie, is graduating from Gonzaga University with an *MA in Organizational Leadership, with a concentration in Servant Leadership. We are going to the ceremony on May 7th. Her three sons are going, too. Be good for them to see the payoff of their mom's hard work these past two years. *I've corrected this - I had put the wrong info here.

I've not been wearing my boot as much since I saw the doctor on Wednesday. That's when he told me to get high top shoes. I've ordered them but they won't be here for a week. So in the house I'm not wearing the boot and I am most certainly NOT WEARING IT TO BED. Six weeks of that was quite enough. If I go out and about I will wear the boot til my high tops get here. I really don't want to reinjure my foot.

Hubby went to the boys' farms today. The peonies at Derek & Vickie's place are looking good! Better than they've looked in the past few years. And there are baby pigs and new baby goats at Matt's place. I would love to go see those little piggies but he and Vic were going to work so I didn't go with.

The boots I ordered. I am not happy that I have to wear them but
if I have to wear them, I will. At least I found some
that reflect my likes/me, thanks to my brother, David. I didn't 
know there were Doc Martens or flowers on boots! I live a sheltered life!

Always kind, be honest, be true, and all of these things will come back to you.

Have a great weekend,


Thursday, April 21, 2016

We Are Family...

Vic Hoefer, Bernita Burnett and Ed Burnett
Dad was Vic's boss when he worked for Benton Co. Sheriff's Dept.
The stories...
August 1977 just after we moved to Prosser, Washington

This has to be my favorite photo of Mom and Dad of all time. 
Miss them. Sometimes I just want to talk to them or hug them.

Fall of 1962
I'm going to have to guess on these since some of us are "made up."
L to R in front: David, Doug, Nancy, Jerry
2nd row: Rusty, Randy, Patti
Back: Joey and Brian

Mom saved the last picture (she called it "film") to get a photo of Randy with his glasses. She wrote, "This is how it turned out."
July 1959
L to R: Randy, Brian, Rusty

L to R: Nancy Burnett Hoefer, Bernita Dillon Burnett holding Dougie Burnett, Aunt Donna Dillon not Korpi at the time,  holding Patti Burnett Underwood and Mike (Dillon to be Korpi) is behind them. Aunt Jean Dillon holding Mary Dillon McConnell in the pool.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Doctor, Doctor (give me the news)

He gave me the news alright. I am still upset. I have to wear high top shoes. In the spring which will soon be the summer. With capris? I swear I'd rather wear this damn boot than wear high top shoes. Obviously I don't have any. And there isn't a place to purchase those nearby so I will be wearing the boot until our next trip through Portland.

On our way home from the beach we stopped at Valley Memorial Park, a cemetery in Hillsboro, Oregon, where quite a few of our relatives are buried. In particular, I wanted to clean Grandma and Grandpa Dillon's headstones but we ended up cleaning these, too: Arnold and Regina Klein (she was Grandma Clara Hoefer's sister); Jack and Donna Korpi and Marge and Andy Pierson. I was concerned about Grandma Henrietta Marie Dillon's headstone. To me, it wasn't as nice as some of the other relatives so I wanted to check it out. I still don't think it is as nice, but it's a little cleaner now. I am thinking about how to enchance it.

I wanted to clean the headstones myself, but with this boot on my foot it wasn't easy to get down on the ground so my Hubby, he's so sweet, did it for me. And I didn't even ask. He was more than willing to do it.

We are making up a route of cemeteries and gravesites for Memorial Day and plan to bring take flowers to them. Meanwhile, here are some photos of the headstones we cleaned.
 Grandpa, Enoch "Ray" Dillon.

Grandma, Henrietta Marie Dillon.(The water hadn't dried yet.)

Vic is lovingly cleaning Aunt Donna and Uncle Jack's headstone.

The water isn't all dry yet.

Headstone of Margie (Hoefer) and Andy Pierson.

Grandpa and Grandma Hoefer, Francis and Clara. 
This one didn't need cleaning, obviously.

Ta ta for now from cranky pants,

Monday, April 18, 2016

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Have you figured out my titles yet? Check them out and see if you can determine the method of my madness.

Today is another beautiful day at the beach. I'm feeling a little bit sad that we have to go home tomorrow but there is a good reason to go home. I have an appointment with the orthopedic doc on Wednesday and I'm hoping and hoping he says I don't have to wear this boot any longer. I might pout if he says anything other than that!

I checked the thermometer awhile ago. It's on the patio in the shade and it was 80 degrees. You don't know how badly I've wanted to trek down to the sand with a lawn chair and a book! I'm trying to be patient. My beach shoes are waiting...

Mr. Squirrel has been back each day since the first time he showed up. I enjoy watching him scurry about! And birdies are flitting around all the time. Two crows have come around a couple of times.They don't come near the house, they just poke around in the grass below.

I have learned a lot in the past few days as I research and write. It's never too late to learn, is it? Today I was working on Grandmother's brother who was killed during World War II. Very interesting and I have a whole new regard for what he was doing when he was killed.

Tomorrow I won't be posting since we will be on the road. We are making a stop at a cemetery in Hillsboro. I want to do some "cleaning" of headstones. We do that in Prosser, but haven't been to the Hillsboro cemeteries in quite awhile. One headstone in particular is bugging me. I'll let you know what I am bugged about after I see the headstone in person. Stay tuned.

The kiss of the sun for pardon,
The song of the birds for mirth,
One's nearer God's heart in a garden,
Than anywhere else on earth

Ta ta for now,

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunshine on My Shoulders

Wow! Today was awesome - the weather was the best! It was 86 degrees outside! I couldn't stay cooped up in the house in front of the computer so we went for a drive. We went north this time because we usually go south. It was a bit troublesome because the "Low Fuel" light came on. Several times. There are no gas stations between Garibaldi and Nehalem. There is one past Nehalem but before Manzanita. (We made it.)

Then we saw the sign for the recycle place that we had forgotten about. It was open so we went. It is an amazing place where they recycle just about everything. I guess people just donate the stuff to CartM but they also take trash and you need to pay to dump that. Check it out at They have artwork that was made with recycled items and walls that were made with...junk. But its so cool! They have photos on their website. If you're down this way you should go. I don't recommend using the outdoor toilet, however. UGH. It's got to be the worst one I've ever seen. I will never, repeat, never, use it again. I'd squat by the side of the road first. Really. (Just sayin' you ought to go before you go!)

On the road to the recycle place is an old cemetery. We drove around in it a little, I thought it was exceptionally nice that they provide water in gallon jugs for people to use. There was a little wagon full of the jugs and a tub of water, too. The only thing I saw wrong with that is that most of the flowers on the graves...were plastic! Oh, well. Never mind.

I got a little sun on my face today. Hubby fixed the door on the shed for the landlady. It had blown off in a windstorm so he made it usable again, put new hinges on it, etc. I helped him so I was out in the sun for a bit.

Two posts in one day...hmm, I don't want to start a precedent here!

Ta ta for now,

It's a Sunday Kind of Love

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The Twin Rocks are lit with sunshine. There are lots of little birds hopping around in the yard. The fuchsia plants are already budding out and we just planted them not too long ago. I'm loving all the flowers we see. Lilacs, rhododendrons in yellow, red, hot pink. Azaleas where the whole entire bush is flowers and no leaves show at all. Beautiful. It's a riot of color as you drive around and sight see. Our rhododendron bush is showing color and should bloom by Mother's Day.

Yesterday there was a squirrel exploring the planters and the yard. He stayed for awhile and found something to nibble on out in the grass.

Hubby has captured a bald eagle on the beach with his camera! He has better eyes than I do to be able to spot it there in the first place. Once we get home I can upload his photos to the PC and include them in this blog. His eagle photos are awesome. And the sunsets he captures, too. Better than those I get with my phone. But the phone photos are still pretty amazing when you think that a PHONE took this or that photo.

I made a list of all the chapters and addendums I have written for my book. I'm up to 4 or 5 pages of notebook paper pages with a list of documents. I'm learning a lot. The Dillon side of the family hails from Kansas and Indiana. Kansas has quite a history, believe me.

Here's the photo of my little chair I bought for the living room at The Little Crow in Rockaway Beach.
I'll sit in it someday when I've finished my book, haha! It's just the right size for me.
It was newly recovered and its in perfect condition. A bargain at $48!

Dream big and write it down. When things are written down, you can read them again and remember your purpose and passion.

Ta ta for now,

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday's Alright For ...

We welcomed guests to our little abode. Our daughter, Katie, and her husband, Rick, went to the Paul McCartney concert in Portland last night so they added a visit to see us before traveling home to Richland, WA. We enjoyed seeing them! And they enjoyed seeing our little home away from home and the view that we are blessed with. We took a drive and showed them some of the sights around Rockaway. It was a great visit and they will plan a trip with the kids soon. There's a vacation rental house a few doors up from us so they grabbed the flyer. (Rockaway Beach does have plenty of vacation rentals.)

We drove around some with Katie and Rick and went to the Jetty Fishery where Hubby likes to go crabbing. We saw a lot of seals across the Nehalem River from the Fishery. I don't know if you can tell they're seals or not but here's a photo,

Those are seals just above the water line across the Nehalem River. 

This photo shows the waves coming through the hole in the rock. We can't see the hole from our place but we do see the water come through when it is stormy.

This was the really stormy day so I took the photo through the kitchen window. 

I'm diligently working on my book but the little break today was nice. It's always nice to see family - everyone is so busy that we don't get to see them much. By the way, they said the concert was great! Paul McCartney puts on quite a show and doesn't even take a break! Katie said he sounds just as good as he ever has even though he is 73 now! Rick said that it seemed like he was having a lot of fun, too. 

"The only way to make your failures permanent is to stay focused on them." - Joshua Boswell

Ta ta for now,

Thursday, April 14, 2016

If You Want to Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life...

After more research (you knew I couldn't leave it alone!) I've decided I was jumping the gun to call our ancestor a bigamist. After making a comparison chart I determined that "you can't be in two places at the same time." I'm still working on that particular ancestor, however, because there is such an absence of him in censuses, city directories, etc. Wish me luck. I'm like a dog with a bone - gnaw, gnaw, gnaw.

The ocean is amazing today.  The high wave warning we read about is truly happening. It is majestic to give it a word; a word that is undermining the actual essence of it. So far we haven't been able to get a great photo but we are trying. Its a rainy day and everything is hazy and grey. I'm not complaining - I love whatever weather and whatever show the ocean decides to grace us with!

Tomorrow IS another day!

Ta ta for now,


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Happy Birthday, Baby

I have tried my hardest to prove something isn't true that I've discovered about our ancestors, but I can't! I'm tired of trying, having spent many hours on this one particular fact. But never say never! So I'll keep trying but for now, I don't want to know or think about a bigamist in the closet!

In viewing censuses, I've come across some disturbing facts. Many of them ask how many children the mother gave birth to and then ask how many are living. There are so many mothers that have different numbers.  It seems people lost children quite often. That hurts my heart. And sometimes next to the child's info is "idiot," "dumb," and other words we do not use in this day and age. They are offensive today but at that time they were just descriptive words.

On a different note: the waves are crashing around out there and a high wave warning was put out for tomorrow. We have our cameras ready! It's beautiful already so I can only imagine what the high waves will look like!

Thanks to those of you who have checked out the birthday page and given me additions and corrections. I consider it a work in progress so if you see something amiss, please bring it to my attention.

Henricus (Henry) and Maria Agnes Vanderzanden
Henrietta Dillon's Parents

Some people choose to see their troubles as  tragic...see them as opportunities...and rejoice

Ta ta for now,

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday Morning

I've always loved researching. My first jobs were in finance companies. I was able to put my researching skills to the test looking for "skips." It was called "skip tracing" and it became illegal after some years but while it was legal, I loved it. We could "lie" and say we were a high school classmate or some such misrepresentation. Remember, I was young and it was my job, I was taught to do it. (Lie, that is. And sometime later I would have refused to do it as my scruples began to develop!)

Before that, in high school and the little bit of college that I had prior to getting married, I also enjoyed researching for essays and papers I had to write. This was long before computers! Our family had a set of Grolier encyclopedias and the navy blue set of ? that came with. They were all well used, not just by me, but by my siblings, too.

Then after a few more jobs in finance companies and waitressing (which I always loved) I eventually worked for attorneys. More research. I think had I been a little younger and had fewer children I would maybe have studied to become a paralegal. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. I wouldn't change my life for anything, but the thought did cross my mind. (There's just not enough time in life to do everything we want to do!)

I have two puzzles that I am working on in our Family Tree. Two ancestors that I can't confirm info on. I like this kind of puzzle but after working on one for awhile, like hours, and days, I really would like to be rewarded with the answers!

Today is a grey day outside and the wind is pushing it's way across the yard but every day here is an adventure in scenery. The trees and grassy yard are green, flowers are starting to bloom and the colors are vivid and precise.

With my Hubby by my side, the ocean sounds and views, the energy in the air from the waves, I am thriving as I research and write. I couldn't ask for anything better. (Except maybe getting this horrible boot off my foot and leg.)

(Remember to let me know if you find errors in the birthday and anniversary lists.)

Write down your dreams and your fears. Plan for both. Get started.

Ta ta for now,


Monday, April 11, 2016

Nothin' But a Heartache

If I wasn't retired, I wouldn't be able to spend the time working on this blog and the family history. While I am enjoying the process, a couple of times I've become emotionally overwhelmed. For example, this morning as I was working on Uncle Jack (Korpi), going back and forth from the blog to the tree I'm building, I was suddenly overcome - and yes, I'll admit it, I cried. While this is a project dear to my heart, it does have it's moments. I had to stop and do something else for a little while.

Not only does the project bring tears, it brings laughter. A photo of something silly will get me giggling! Sometimes it gets me to wondering. What were they doing, what were they thinking when this picture was taken? What were the people like in this old photo? Why did this one or that one die so young?

Someone asked me recently if I had a headcount on my Mom and Dad's offspring. I don't, but I will try to figure it out one of these days. If you already know, share, please!

I'm going back to my project now. Just wanted to say that I've been correcting my mistakes and adding birthdays and anniversaries to the Birthday page. I've added a ton of photos today on all the different pages so check them out. I am open to having you send me photos you would like me to put on the appropriate page and I am also open to taking photos off if you don't like them. For that to happen, though, it has to be a photo of you. And if you don't like a certain photo, buck up! I put one of myself on the Hoefer page that I hate. (Of course I hate all pictures of myself.)

I just realized that if you click on a photo it will enlarge. :-)

Victory is just around the corner.

Ta ta for now,

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Birthday & Other Pages

I've been working on the birthday pages and have almost finished. I do need some information from some of you and I've been Facebook messaging a lot! Thanks to all who have helped me fill out the birthday pages. I also need the information for our family tree, which I need to have for the book I'm writing. Please look at the birthday pages to see if I've omitted anyone. If I have something wrong, please let me know.  It's quite a chore because there are so many of us!

I also made a few other pages and you can click the tabs under the heading to look at them.

Please make a comment now and then - even if all you do is say "hi." That way I'll know if anyone is reading this blog!

Thanks again for the help.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Flowers on the Wall

I've got some sort of a bug or my FMS is acting up. Whatever it is I have been under the weather today. And speaking of the weather, it was a grey day. Grey and white. A touch of blue showed up for a little while. I am not complaining because it didn't rain and it wasn't really cold. Every day the view is different because of the weather. It's fun to see.

The landlady brought some fuchsia starts for us to plant in the basket on either side of our door. I'm so excited to have fuchsias because it's too hot for them in eastern WA where our home is. There is a rhododendron out front and a rose bush. The rhodie is pink, she said, and blooms around Mother's Day. The rose is a raspberry color. There are three large planters and it will be fun to watch them grow as she has planted them already. One of them she has planted with primroses right now. Vic planted quite a few daffodils around the yard, too. It's nice to have grass again. We don't have a blade of it at our WA home. We don't have to mow it either. A man from down the street drives his riding mower over and has it mowed in no time! I like the attitude of the people around here. The attitude of helping each other.

My chair got delivered today! And I haven't spilled the beans to Hubby yet. It's been hard not to say something about it! I just want him to be surprised. It's perfect in here and it's perfect for me. And the price was right. I told you I'd post a photo but that will have to be another time. I tried to take a pic of it but it doesn't show up well. I'll do it when its light out so the colors can be distinguished.

My friend, Teri, and I had a good time visiting. I hated that I didn't feel up to par when she was here, but that's life, I guess.

I made the birthday pages and I would really appreciate it if you let me know any I have missed. I am pretty sure I did. And let me know of any I have recorded incorrectly.

My brother Randy's headstone. I think about him all the time.
Wish he didn't leave us when he did. 

You've Got A Friend

I will just write a teensy bit today because my most excellent friend (BFF) is here visiting me at the ocean. We had a great lunch at The Bite then visited The Little Crow here in Rockaway. I bought a CHAIR! A beautiful overstuffed chair, newly upholstered and it is all the right colors for our beach abode. I didn't tell Hubby yet, cuz he's not here right now - won't he be surprised! I'll take a picture of it and show you after it gets delivered. Then I'll tell you what a wonderful price I paid for it. You really must visit The Little Crow when you come to Rockaway. Anne is such a nice lady and she has lots of wonderful items for sale. She has always had reasonable prices, too. The Frugal Crow was her shop but the building sold and she had to move to a much smaller storefront so she changed the name. 

Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 8, 2016

It's Your Birthday


Today is my brother, Doug's, birthday. He is a great guy and I don't get to see him often enough. But when we do get together we yak and laugh. That's how it is with my siblings. Never a dull moment! Happy Birthday, Doug!

And a very special lady in Hereford, England celebrates today, too! Myrtle Prince, Sara's mom. Have a wonderful day, Myrtle, though I believe it's halfway over with. No, its about 6 p.m. I hope you had an awesome day.

Roy, Sara and Myrtle Prince

Me, Doug, Patti, Rusty, Edie in January 2016

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

We Are Family

As most of you know, I've been writing and researching a book that has been in the back of my mind and on legal-pads-in drawers-for years. At least 15 years. I can honestly say that I am making progress! However, the more I write, the more I write. And the more I research, the more I research. I am not complaining - I am enjoying the process.

I could never have dreamt that I would be writing a book "ocean front!" I hear the waves, the birds, the breeze and sometimes the rain! I see grey, blue, aqua, and frothy, white waves. I see the Twin Rocks which look different depending on the time of day and the weather. 

My foot is still in the monstrous boot the ortho doc said I have to wear 24/7 so I haven't been able to go walk on the beach. I broke my foot on the first trip to our little beach bungalow by the sea. I must wear it for two more weeks, at least. Then I have an appointment with the doc and we'll see what he has in store for me. Will it be healed? I hope so!

I get excited when I find a little morsel or two about our ancestors and sometimes I just want to share that with someone! I can't give away too much or you won't want to read my book!!

Stay tuned. Meanwhile here is a little tidbit. Edward Burnett, my father, was a mariner. That is, he served as a Merchant Marine and that is what they are called, "mariners." Like the Seattle baseball team. Not a marine. I got that when researching. Never call them marines. Here is the ship on which he sailed to Yokohama. My book will take that a little further and it is a funny story. 

USS General John Pope
(There is a distinction in its name for duty during wartime and post war.)