Monday, August 21, 2017

Out of the Office

I'm in combat: fighting the effects of the 15 pills a day I'm taking in an effort to get ... better? So, sleeping a lot, having a lot of headaches, tummy aches, body aches. I'm sure I'll be fine soon but meanwhile, I'm "out of the office."

Ta ta for now,


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Preliminary Agenda

This is the preliminary agenda. I will be giving you a printed paper copy at the reunion.

ü  Set-up camp; settle in
ü  Nancy will be at Barview Jetty Park at the playground at 7:00 pm to hand out agendas and t-shirts to those who are present

 10:30   Nancy will distribute agendas and t-shirts at playground at Barview Jetty Park.
  We will collect your white elephants/prizes.
  Julie will distribute name tags and a fun break-the-ice game.
  If you arrive later, just find Julie or Nancy for your name tags, t-shirts, etc.

11:00-12:00 Craft project with Nancy at Space S-11, Audra (Audi) Hoefer Distifeno’s space, for the kids.
12:00   Free time for meals, visiting, etc.
1:00-2:00 Face Painting for the kids by Audi at Space S-11
2:00 Craft time with Sophie and Lily Distifeno at Space S-11 We will be making duct/duck tape bags, etc.
3:00-4:00 Face Painting for the kids by Audi at Space S-11
4:00-5:00 Game with Patti for everyone. Meet at the playground.
5:00-7:00 Free time for meals, visiting
7:00 Sing-along with the musicians around the campfire and do S’mores. Bring your own ingredients, please. And don’t forget skewers or branches to roast the marshmallows. Location to be determined.
All of Sunday’s activities are going to be held at the Garibaldi Community Hall on 6th Street. It is in the same building as the Fire Department, Library and City Hall at the east end of the building. Park behind the structure in a gravel parking lot. Two entrances: one on east side and one on north side of building. The entrance on the north side is an ADA accessible ramp. Use either entrance.
ü  9:00 a.m. Garibaldi Community Hall opens and will be open until we are finished for the day. Feel free to pop in and out all day. I’ll put the coffee on!
ü  Throughout the day there will be card and board games available to play. Visit with other family members, etc.
ü  10:30 Family heirloom sharing. Swap photos, sign the guest book. Bring scrapbooks and family photo albums to share.
ü  12:00 – 1:00 Free time for lunch.
ü  1:15 Game for the adults only. Kids can watch, however.
ü  3:00   Set up for the potluck dinner.
ü  4:00 - Potluck. We will furnish tablecloths, forks, knives, spoons, plates, napkins, cups. Water, lemonade and coffee will be available.
ü  6:00 or so -  Awards Ceremony – for everyone.
ü   After Awards Ceremony clean up the hall, empty garbage, etc.
ü  7:00 – Campfire sing-a-long. More S’Mores. Place to be determined.
 (Sorry this is messed up. I copied and pasted and just can't get it right. The printed copy will be better!)

Don’t forget to take photos throughout the Family Reunion to share on Facebook for those who were not able to attend.

Monday - no planned activities. Everyone will probably be getting packed up and ready to leave. However, we'll play it by ear and if people want to get together we can do so.


I told you about going to the doctor (gastroenterologist) and he prescribed antibiotics. I called yesterday to see if they were ready to pick up. Nope, the doctor's office hadn't called them in yet. I called again this morning. Nope, the doctor's office still hadn't called them in. Called the doctor's office AGAIN to speak to clerk who said she would call it in yesterday morning. Had to leave a message. I'm fuming by now. So Hubby says, I'll just go to their office and see what is going on. So he did. They gave him the prescriptions to carry to pharmacy. Doctor walked by when he was getting the Rx. Hubby asked for clarification on the upcoming appointment. Remember, the doctor told us one thing but his CLERK told us that he, the DOCTOR,  was wrong, that I was supposed to take the meds for 2 weeks, then wait 2 weeks and see the doctor again, according to her. The CLERK repeats that right in front of the doctor, even though my paperwork said otherwise. The DOCTOR said, "No, I want her to come in in 2 weeks." (Hopefully he reprimanded her after Hubby left.)

Okay, prescriptions in hand, Hubby goes to the pharmacy. The clerk had written down the wrong dosage on one of the Rxs! (Imagine that.) She put 100 mg. and the Rx only came in 250 mg. and 500 mg. So, call to the doctor. Lunch time! And, one of the other meds was going to cost $402 for the 14 days worth of pills. So the pharmacy, God bless them, tried to find a way around that by substituting a generic, etc., etc. All in all, the incorrect mg. was corrected to 500 mg. and the $402 stayed as is. Hubby left home by noon and didn't get home til about 3:30. All waiting on those meds. I hope and pray this cures the troubles I have been having. If my troubles aren't gone in two weeks, the gall bladder comes out. 

I have an infection in my stomach called H. Pylori. I read about it online. It can cause gastric cancer and\or ulcers. I have three antibiotics to take and another med similar to Pepto-Bismol. In addition to my normal, everyday meds, I have 15 additional pills to take now for two weeks. This is the normal treatment according to several online medical information sites. (I looked at Mayo Clinic and WebMD and another one.) 

I just can't stomach (pun intended) anymore of the incompetency of this doctor's staff. I'm still considering writing a letter to him detailing all the problems I've encountered with them. I'm not sure it will change anything or help me feel any better than it does writing about it here. so am still on the fence. 

The t-shirts for the reunion came today. I have to sort them into orders but looking at the top t-shirt, they are great!

Ta ta for now. Maybe next time I won't write about my troubles!


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

At My Limit

I've had nothing but trouble from the doctor's office. Not letting me know when they made a pre-op appointment for me at the hospital; not calling in the prescriptions the doctor said he would call in; calling me and saying I missed another pre-op appointment at the hospital when I didn't! I'm about ready to put it all in writing and submitting it to the hospital who is in charge of the clinic. How can one office mess up so many times on one patient? I have no clue. Is it the doctor's fault? Is it the office staff's fault? I know it isn't my fault and I guess I really should report it since it has happened repeatedly.

I did finally get a diagnosis: H. Pylori. An infection of the stomach. That was yesterday. I'm supposed to take antibiotics for two weeks. They haven't called the prescription in yet. Then after two weeks of taking the meds, I'm supposed to go see the doctor so I made an appointment for two weeks. From yesterday. But when I called his office to say the prescription hasn't been ordered yet, they told me the doctor was wrong! I'm supposed to take the meds for two weeks, then wait two more weeks to see him. Oh my goodness. This isn't the first time the staff has told me the doctor is wrong! What? The doctor is wrong? So says the clerks, not RNs, not doctors themselves...

Tune in next time to see when and if I get the Rx and whether or not I submit this outrage in writing to the hospital. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Superstitions Surrounding Death & Dying

Our ancestors had plenty of superstitions surrounding death and dying. I've heard a few but had no idea there were so many. It has been said that one man's superstitions are another man's belief. I do remember Grandma Dillon telling me that if a bird flies inside a house (from outside), there has been a death. At the time, a bird actually flew inside the house but I don't recall whether or not there was a death.

Some of the superstitions regarding cemeteries:

  • If it rains in an open grave, bad luck will come upon the family of the deceased.
  • If it rains shortly after a burial, it means that person has found eternal rest and happiness.
  • Thunder after a burial indicates the deceased has reached Heaven.
  • Flowers and grass grow on the graves of those who have lived virtuous lives but mud and weeds will cover the grave of someone who was evil.
  • If you whistle in a graveyard, you are summoning the devil.
  • Never take anything from a cemetery because the dead may follow you to get it back.
  • Dirt from a cemetery and placed under stairs you walk on is said to bring good fortune.
  • Mazes were placed at cemetery entrances to prevent spirits from returning to the world. It was thought that ghosts could only travel in a straight line.
  • Should you be the first to leave the cemetery after a funeral, you will have bad luck and you could die.
  • It is considered bad luck to walk on graves. 
  • Witches should be buried face down to prevent supernatural spells from besetting the community. If that doesn't work, un-bury the witch, turn his or her clothes inside out and rebury the person face down once again.
  • Being near or in an open grave cures all kinds of illness: toothaches, boils and incontinence are only a few of the maladies it will cure.
  • If a pregnant woman walks on the grave at a funeral, her child will have club feet.
Regarding death and dying at home:
  • If two people in a house are sick and one should die, the other will get well.
  • If a person has a painful or prolonged death, he will haunt the survivors. Thus, all attempts are made to ensure the patient suffers as little as possible.
  • The bed of the dying person should always be placed east and west, not north and south. This will speed the process of dying and reduce the suffering of the patient.
  • The last person's name to be uttered by the dying person will be the next one to die.
  • The clocks in the house of the dying were stopped on the death of the person to show that time was up for him or her.
  • As soon as a person died, the mirrors in the room were covered or turned. It was considered bad luck if the corpse could be seen in the mirror and if you were to see your own reflection in the mirror before the body was taken from the home.
  • Another superstition concerning mirrors was that if they were not covered, the mirror may not come clean again, and, if the mirror had not been covered, the reflection of the deceased may never leave the face of the mirror.
  • Another regarding mirrors: If you were to look in the mirror before the body was removed, you may see the deceased person's reflection looking over your shoulder.
  • Sweeping the floor before the body was removed ensured that the person sweeping would be the next to die.
  • Walking out of the house in front of the coffin meant you would be the next to die.
  • A corpse should leave the house or building feet first or else the deceased's body would be looking back and summoning or beckoning you to follow him or her in death.
Regarding funerals and funeral processions:
  • It will bring bad luck if you point at a funeral procession.
  • Don't count the number of cars in a funeral procession. If you do, you will be counting the number of days until you die.
  • If a black cat crosses in front of a funeral procession, there will be a death in the family of the deceased within three days.
  • Never wear anything new to a funeral, especially shoes. (I'm not sure why.)
  • It is considered bad luck to meet a funeral procession head on. If you do see one approaching, turn around. If it cannot be avoided, hold on to a button until it passes.
  • To lock the door of your home after the funeral procession has left is bad luck.
General superstitions regarding death and dying:
  • You will die if a dying person hits you or bites you. In order to prevent your own death, you must hit or bite them back in the same place.
  • At the beginning of a year, if the first person to die in a community is elderly, the community will suffer from many of it's elderly passing. 
  • Regarding wakes: The body of a deceased person was watched over until the burial. It was done so as a safeguard from burying someone who was not really dead but in a coma. Wakes were held for 3 to 4 days to allow relatives from far away to arrive.
  • Flowers and candles were used to help mask unpleasant odors before embalming became common.
  • Cover your mouth when yawning lest your spirit leave you and the devil enter your body.
  • If you hear 3 knocks and no one is there, it means someone close to you has died. The superstitious call this "the 3 knocks of death."
  • If a firefly or lightning bug gets into your house someone will soon die.
  • If you smell roses and none are around, someone is going to die.
  • If you see an owl during the daytime, there will be a death.
  • If an owl hoots outside your window 3 nights in a row, someone close to you will die.
  • If a bird pecks on your window or crashes into a window, there has been a death.
  • If a sparrow lands on a piano, someone in the home will die.
  • When a dog howls at night and someone in the house is ill, it is a bad omen. It can be reversed by reaching under the bed and turning over a shoe.
  • It was believed that wearing black made you appear as a shadow and not a body. The deceased person's spirit won't then enter your body. 
  • If your left eye twitches, there will soon be a death in the family.
  • If there are shoes on a table, there will be sickness and possible death by hanging.
By no means is this a comprehensive list. Just those I found to be a most interesting bit of history.

Ta ta for now,

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Vic and I rented a place in Garibaldi for all day Sunday of the reunion!! We are covered if it rains, we can play games, chit chat, and eat our potluck there. There is a minimal kitchen with a stove, refrigerator and microwave. We can put on a coffee pot (does anyone have a party percolator?), fix our food, keep it cold, warm it up, etc. 

There is a parking lot with plenty of room for all. You turn east on 6th Street. It is in the same building as the fire department, library and City Hall. The door to it is at the east end of the building and another on the backside of the building. There is a handicap access (ADA) ramp (on the backside of the building) but the restrooms are not ADA. (They will be remodeling next year to include ADA accessible restrooms.)

We did have to get insurance on the place and there is to be no alcohol. No smoking inside nor within 10 feet of the building.

I am so relieved about this! (Because I'm a worry wart and wondered if we would have enough room for the potluck. I also worried about having photos and heirlooms outside.)

AND, we drove into Barview Jetty Park and drove all around and noticed many, many extra or overload parking spaces. That made me feel better, too.



Need to Know

Regarding the campground, parking, etc., you need to know this info.

We may or may not be able to make campfires. It will be posted at the check-in spot if not.

If you rented a spot at Barview Jetty Park and you pitch an extra tent the fee is $7.83 per night/per tent.

If you have an extra vehicle (one free vehicle per site), boat or utility trailer, you will be charged $5.59 per night/per vehicle.

There is a $5.59 one-time charge per pet.

If you rented a cabin at the park there will be a pet charge of $11.18 per night, per pet. (2 pets maximum)

If you park in the overflow parking area OVERNIGHT, you will have a ticket on your windshield in the morning. I don't know what the fee is for that.

There are places for overflow parking. There are also places to park outside of the park itself. Be creative, load many people into one vehicle, etc.

Regarding groceries, etc.

There is Fred Meyers and Safeway in Tillamook.

In Garibaldi there is a small grocery store but I can't remember the name of it. We shop here for one or two items when we don't want to drive to Tillamook.

There is a little store just outside the park at Barview. They have pizza, ice cream, beer, etc. Their ice cream is Tillamook brand. Yummy. But I don't know if their freezer got fixed or not. I'll check later.

Rockaway Beach has a few convenience type stores and a small grocery store.

Fast food restaurants.

In Tillamook there is a McDonald's and a Burger King and taco wagons.

In Garibaldi there is a Dairy Queen and a few food trailers on the side of the road.

In Rockaway there is a food wagon north of town which has hot dogs, sandwiches. There is also a Pronto Pup with expensive corn dogs. (We went once and won't go back.)

Besides the little store in Barview, there is a taco wagon across the street from it.

Campfire wood.

Available along the highway everywhere. $5 per stack. There is one across the street from Barview Jetty Store, too.

That's all for now.